Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bottled Up

By the looks of things, fashion designers are no longer content to stay in fashion. There’s a rising trend of designers taking to bottle design such as Christian Lacroix and Jean Paul Gaultier x Evian (did you know evian spelt backwards is naïve?), Roberto Cavalli x Coca Cola Light and Alexander McQueen x Chivas Regal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for collectibles yet I can’t help but wish that some of the designers put in a bit more of effort. Let’s take a look at the candidates:
JPG x Evian
Um, what is there to say about this? You slap on your brand, paste on the bottle’s brand and how much are you getting paid for this? 

Alexander McQueen x Chivas Regal
Ok, you’re trying a tad harder Alexander (Can I call you Alex? Maybe not, if I’m dissing you here), by having the bottle wear a royal blue leather ‘dress’ but still, can you do a bit more besides putting an enamelled British flag on top? It’s just not much to look at you know.

Roberto Cavalli x Coca Cola
Domo arigato Mr Roberto. Your coke bottles are signature Cavalli. It may be taking the easy way out, just put the pattern on a bottle or put a heart around it but at least it’s instantly recognisable as Cavalli.

Christian Lacroix x Evian
You know what your two designs remind me of? The challenge given to Season Four Project Runway contestants. Remember when Christian and Chris designed the haute couture gown and were told at the last minute that they need to design a ready to wear version? The couture piece was fabulous, it was innovative while the RTW design was clearly a filler to fulfil the challenge criteria. This is what your two bottles remind me of. The haute couture bottle is beautiful. Is it a bottle? Is it a girl wearing a gown? Is the gown the fresh mountain springs where Evian water comes from? But the prêt-a-porter bottle is sorely lacking.

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