Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My kind of math

My fascination with convertible-wear continues. Although my eBay searches for Complex Geometries inevitably turn up used textbook listings, I continue to search undaunted. (As is a theme when it comes to my online shopping habit, I delay buying from the online shop because I can't decide which piece I want).

Complex Geometries is the super-comfortable-looking men's and women's line of clothing designed by a guy named Clayton Evans, and EVERY SINGLE ITEM the brand makes is super-duper desirable. They come in basic colours (white, black, grey and variations on the above), have that to-die-for relaxed fit that for some reason is so difficult to master, are made of low-maintenance fabrics like cotton and jersey, and are convertible to the point of ridiculousness. Drape, tie and wrap your way to a new look every day!

I'm feeling the square-hood tees and dresses, the giant tank with tube, the split square dress... I just wish there were better depictions of the garment laid flat so that my mind can do the creative math (that IS the relevance of the brand's moniker, right?). That said, the photos on the Complex Geometries site, and especially those on the Oak NYC site, are gorgeous, almost editorial-quality images.

Shop Complex Geometries online here, or Oak NYC here. (Images courtesy of...)
If you're patient, here's the eBay search link.

And of course, the eye candy:

The square-hood dress

The giant tank with tube

And the split square tee

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  1. Reminds me of Body Wrappers and one of their dresses... you could turn it into 50 different styles. (It's dance wear though)

  2. Ooh, will have to check that out. You never know, dance wear could be converted to daywear!