Thursday, March 12, 2009

All-in-one nail polish complete with half naked men

On my daily trawl for blog worthy items, I came across this kitschy item. 

Remember those pens where there’s a girl in it and when you turn it upside down she undresses? Well Urban Decay has taken that idea and transformed it for us ladies. And no. Urban Decay didn’t simply replace the girl with a man and came out with a pen. They took it one step further and developed the Pocket Rocket. (Yes, even the name is kitschy.) And not only does it come in eight shades for the vixen in us, if you rub the ink on the side of the bottle (and no it’s not a euphemism), it releases pheromones to enhance sexual attraction. So let’s recap, guy who strips, check. Nail polish, check. Pheromones releaser check. All this from a bottle of nail polish. What more can you ask for?
Source and Image: Musings of a Muse

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