Friday, March 6, 2009

Jagged jewellery

What is it about jewellery that could double as weaponry that I find so darn sexy? The Alex and Chloe jewellery collection has been at the top of my wishlist for god knows how long, and the only thing that's stopping me from clicking through to buy is that the feeling that I need to own it ALL. They ship to Hong Kong and accept Paypal which makes things too easy, and are priced so reasonably that it's not too painful to swallow the international shipping cost.

Most of the pieces are very angular and geometric, with an edgy punk-rock vibe to them: perfect for glamming up the white-tee-plus-black-blazer-with-rolled-up-sleeves look; perfect for layering and stacking with other pieces of bling; perfect for stabbing the would-be rapist who wants to grab your boobies.

A smattering of favourites... all from Alex and Chloe. Doesn't the one at the bottom remind you of Shel Silverstein's missing piece? The piece is named "Eclipse" too, which gets my Twilight-loving side all up in a frenzy...

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