Monday, July 27, 2009

Original Sin

Urban Original footwear is bargain mecca for every cash-strapped fashionista. How many Sundays I've frittered away scrolling through the pages and pages of reasonably priced runway-inspired shoes, willing my shoe cabinet to mysteriously expand its capacity while I sleep at night so that I can put in an order of ten pairs at once (at around US$20-45 a pair, but roughly US$30-40 in shipping for the first pair, $12 each additional pair, a large order is only justifiable). Hey, if elves can make shoes in the middle of the night, why not a shoe cabinet for them to go in?

Of course, this Sunday, while again gazing in futility at some woefully gorgeous and economical options, my love pointed out that since we'll be going back to the US in two weeks for a holiday, and are in possession of a valid US Postal Address there in perpetuity, there's no reason I shouldn't put in an order of LESS THAN 10 pairs. How genius! And simultaneously, a savvy method of deterring me from having to buy 10 pairs. Wise move, counsel (who oft complains of the current 1:10 shoe shelf allocation ratio.) Now, to whittle down the selection to just 1-2 pairs...

Category One: The Wedge
While I'm pretty sure it's the lace-ups with cut-outs that are coming home from me, they are number-one on my wish list and for that matter, my list of reasons to live right now. But it's been a while since I contemplated a mary-jane, plus I'm a sucker for anything snakey...

Category Two: The Gladiator
Never really had the guts to go for these styles, HELLO cow calves. But at US$32.99, worse come to worst, Salvation Army will have some very trendy finds. I'm thinking the gold heel with the knockoff Louboutin sole is a bit too trashy; the silver flat is neither here nor there; which leaves me with the perfectly fine black heeled option. Done. If only Goldilocks had my decision-making power.

Category Three: The Good, The Bad, The Ugg-ly
Okay, say I have quota left for one more pair. I know the fashion police ordered us to throw out our Uggs six years ago. I DON'T CARE. I love them anyway, will always love them and their lamby interiors, big fat and flat bottoms, and infinite reincarnations. Fringey, fluffy, or all tied up?

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1 comment:

  1. Cat 1: Lace-ups! (1st pair)
    Cat 2: hmm...
    Cat 3: Fluffy!! (2nd pair)