Thursday, July 2, 2009

Designer Discovery: Edit'd

I’m not a big fan of eco-fashion. I know it’s gaining momentum but I just have this stereotype in my head that eco-fashion equals coarse hemp garments that look like burlap sacks. It’s also the feeling that anyone who is involved in eco-fashion automatically think themselves superior. I am, however, rather intrigued by Edit’d. With a philosophy of giving new life to old clothes, the designer behind Edit’d recycles vintage clothing into exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces. The designer is originally from Australia but has been living in Hong Kong for the past year and a half. She describes her clothing as individualistic, alternative and modern with a whimsical twist. Besides having some pieces at Fang Fong Projects in Soho, Edit’d accepts bespoke orders where you can choose from their vintage fabrics or rework something that you can’t bear to part with yet never wear anymore. Now this is one kind of recycling I can wrap my mind around.

Edit'd is offering our readers 30% off the debut pieces if you email Helene at and mention hkfashiongeek. This offer expires on August 2.
Visit Edit’d here

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