Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flight Plan

I've been dying to see how this whole two-fingered ring thing goes -- is it annoying to type on a keyboard? Will it permanently fuse my fingers together? How will I make the Star Trek sign for peace if I bump into Dr Spock? -- so when the folks over at Moxsie decided to gift us with some treats, I jumped for this flirty, flighty two-fingered concoction. FashionGeek, for her part, took to this aerial theme as well, choosing a chunky necklace inspired by outer space, the Cosmos necklace. How fitting that they arrived on the 40th anniversary of the day man went to the moon. (Yep, this post is two days late. So bite me. But it is solar-eclipse day...)

Anyway, they totally live up to their jpeg gorgeousness -- which is not always the case with jewellery bought online, ahem. I'm also able to answer the age-old questions above (a little bit but it's okay; not so far; by moving the ring to the middle and index fingers instead of the ring and middle fingers). But onto the main post, which is about the lovely vendor of these delights, Moxsie.

The site sells all sorts of wares, from clothing to bags to footwear to jewellery, but it's the bling that's most attractive to us Geeks. The apparel leans towards a more casual vibe (and we like to be dressy, or at least our jobs require us to be) so the graphic tees and graffiti'd sneakers would probably cater to a different audience. What also sets this site apart is that there's plenty of pleasure for boys, too -- in fact, they carry more men's apparel brands than female. But what they lack in frills and lace, they make up for in metal and attitude. "Vampire protection kit" necklace? Check. A Sinbad sailboat complete with circling feathered friend and dangling anchor? Check. Golden pinky nail attachment? Check. If it's the weird and wonderful you crave (and don't we all), then Moxsie is the place for you. Our favourite lines are Bijules, whose serpent necklace simply has no comparison; B-side for the graphic bangles; Potluck Paris for the funky, chunky mash-ups of metallic geometry; and for some strange reason, Miss KK for the floaty, oversized feather necklaces. They look cool on screen, but feathers always look weird on me in person, I've decided (three pairs of feather earrings is all it took for my genius mind to make this decision).

Next step for Moxsie? Making jpegs more amenable to being saved for blogs!

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