Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Made in HK: Crysallis Creations

Like many designers previously featured in the Made in HK column, Debbie, the brains behind Crysallis Creations, draws inspiration from nature. She’s been selling on Etsy for several years now and recently made the move to offering her pieces via Edith’s Gallery in Wanchai. Says Debbie, “I make my pieces to tell a story. I can't work without a story and a plot of how I want my piece to turn out. It's always a "feeling" that I want to achieve. Like with a traditional artist, wire and beads are used as my paintbrush while the finished piece is my canvas. It may sounds corny but that's how I work.”

Fun Facts:

Brand name:
Crysallis Creations, came from the words "chrysalis". To me, it's transformation from raw material into lasting beauty.

Best-selling piece:
Earrings are definitely the easiest and quickest to sell for me, followed closely by my wire-wrapped rings, then my necklaces.

Most-used materials:
I love the beauty of natural minerals, while I also use precious and semi-precious gems in my pieces. I work with sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled, vermeil, and sometimes copper.

Piece that I cannot bear to part with:
It’s always hard for me to sell any of my pieces, especially necklaces. I don't want to sell to just make a buck, I would rather sell to someone who will appreciate the artistry and "heart" that I've invested into each and every piece that I've made.

Favorite designers:
Tom Ford, Gianfranco Ferre, Gianni Versace,

Edith's Gallery
Shop G1 G/FL Harbour Centre
25 Harbour Road
Hong Kong
Tel: 2802-8011

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