Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Da Bomb

Since becoming an old lady this year, I've stopped going to Lan Kwai Fong as often (or at all, sigh), and the irony is, what I miss most about late-night bar and club crawling isn't the chance to get tipsy and naughty, or the opportunity to bust a move on the dance floor, or even the joy of being with friends kicking back on a Saturday night.

Because come on, who needs friends or flashy dance moves when you have the greasy food that comes hand-in-hand with nights out on the town? Tsui Wah is the popular favourite, and its wide selection of cha-chan-teng favourites tops my list of LKF eateries (I'm the one who would be drunkenly slobbering "Let's Tsui Wah, let's Tsui Wah" from 2am until we are physically sitting in a booth). The eclectic company is always a plus, too -- I swear, you can't swing a ho-fun noodle without hitting somebody you know. But I do sincerely miss the diner eats from my college days, when a late-night house party was inevitably followed by a trip to the nearest diner for hot dogs and gyros (don't ask) with sides of greasy fries.

YUM, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, and it's only 10:57am right now. The popular favourite, in this department, tends to be Cul de Sac, but forgive me when I say that their brand of dried up Philly cheese steaks and crusty day-old pizza just does not float my boat. I'm sorry, I know lots of people looove it.

I know I'll also get flack for recommending Atomic Patty instead, but when the press release hit the inbox this Monday AM, I dropped everything to pay homage to this burger. High resolution images that showed in the body of the email, featuring burgers the width of my computer screen, are all it takes, for any PR that happens to be reading this.

The selection is slim, as it should be, featuring only four key burgers (Atomic, Atomic Breakfast, Atomic Aussie above with a giant tasty pineapple inside, Gardenburger) and three key hot dogs (Big Boy, Atomic Meltdown, Sante Fe) which I guarantee will hit the spot. It's not Duke's Burger or anything, or even Shake 'Em, but it's what you need before or after a long, hard night of partying, when location takes precedence of quality.

And if this image of a strawberry milkshake doesn't make you salivate, then you must be a dry old hag whom nobody ever loved, and are thus incapable of any amorous emotion. Seriously, this milkshake definitely has the power to bring all the boys to the yard. Except that this isn't a euphemism, it's just a really tasty milkshake. (Click to enlarge for the full effect!)

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