Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chinese New Year Coffee from Nespresso

Coffee and Chinese New Year? Seems like a tenuous link at best right? Not so with Nespresso, who has a new IFC shop where you can pop in and check out their bar area for tastings. The coffee maestro has come up with six lucky drinks for the Year of the Horse. What tickles my fancy is the Iced Espresso Treasure where bird’s nest is combined with an ice coffeeball and crumbled peanut cookies and the Abundance of Joy that is a coffee infused with pomelo zest, brown sugar, caramel and rice wine topped with sesame seed crackers. Both are made with the Linizio Lungo capsule which surprised me as it’s a lot milder than the capsules I normally try (I tend to go for intensity 9 or above and the Linizio Lungo is at a 4) But then with the new year rolling along, I should try out new things right?

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