Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rue Gembon

E-commerce sites touting curated jewellery are a dime a dozen but when Rue Gembon's Joyce Lam sent me an email introducing her website as "a selection of creative jewelry designs, that are priced reasonably so that my friends and I can shop there regularly," I was intrigued and clicked the link.

What I liked about the site is that Joyce and her co-founder Niki Allworth created a section that allows you to shop by trend with fun styles such as "Wasteland", "The Dream Catcher", "State of Nirvana" and "From Russia with Love". When Joyce sent me a photo of the upper right piece of jewellery, I thought it was a standard cuff and it wasn't until I browsed the site that I realised it was actually a ring which endeared me to the piece even more. Seems like I've found yet another site to while away time and spend my hard earned money! Visit Rue Gembon at http://www.ruegembon.com/

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