Monday, January 13, 2014

Geek Spy: Mini Book Charms

I’m undeniably a book geek. My mom passed me my first Enid Blyton years ago and ever since I’ve been enthralled with books. In fact, over the holidays I was summoned by my parents to go back home and get rid of all the books I’ve been hoarding since my nose is firmly entrenched in a kindle these days (I owe it to ShoeGeek Christina for saving my already jammed packed bookshelves for introducing me to the kindle). Yet there is something about giving away hundreds of books (which I did eventually end up doing) that just made me oh so sad. My solution? Maybe I can have all those books made into mini book charms by this Etsy seller in order to keep a small collection? Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve refused to give away about 300 other books (it has sentimental value as I oh so loudly declared to my mom!) so maybe this isn’t the best of ideas at the moment. But how cute are these?!

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