Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Hint of Mint

Not entirely sure what you call this colour -- somewhere between mint and baby blue. Seafoam? Which reminds me of this Mastercard TV ad that aired when I lived in the US (so sometime between 1996-2002) and did an obviously poor job of foretelling that this hue would be ALL THE RAGE come 2014. Nowadays what's "priceless" is finding a colourist who can do this to a head of Asian hair without damaging the fuck out of it. Which is pretty much impossible because I'm totally the mayor of split-end city already, and also because I refuse to sit in a chair for more than three hours at a time because I'm pretty sure there's a pea under those 50 mattresses, and it's hurting my princess ass.

File this under things that I will do when they invent that machine from The Jetsons that changes your hairstyle in seconds with that proton-laser-type thing.

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