Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Dong Lai Shun

When my friend suggested checking out Dong Lai Shun's new branch in Causeway Bay Midtown, I couldn't quite figure out if I've dined there before and it was only after racking my brains that I realised I didn't go to the Royal Garden branch as I had originally thought but that I visited their original Beijing outlet a few years ago. While I was quite in the mood for their hotpot, unfortunately, when you're a party of two, it's not quite doable if you want to feast the way one does with hotpot so a la carte it was.

First up was the Tea Leaf Smoked Duck Egg. Not as smokey as others I’ve had but not bad nonetheless. I do prefer a tad smokier though as I find that really brings out the flavour. The gooey yolk is always a bonus and loved it.

Crispy Eel in Honey Flavour. One of my fav Shanghainese starters and my pet peeve is when it’s a bit too charred. Didn’t have that issue here.

Mutton Sashlik with lots of cumin. I associate mutton sashliks with a super gamey taste which I love, however this version didn’t taste gamey at all which was a tad disappointing.

Stir fried egg white with cab meat. Taste was not bad but unfortunately with the order that the dishes came out, this dish seemed quite bland as the flavours of the eel and lamb were so powerful and overwhelming compared to this. Think we would have enjoyed it a lot more if this dish was served earlier.

Pan-fried crispy noodles topped with mutton. Copious amounts of celery and leeks with the mutton which we enjoyed. I would have preferred less sauce though.

We finished the meal off with a deep-fried sesame dumpling filled with salted egg yolk which was very yummy but was a tad difficult to eat given that we were only given forks and the molten centre made for a messy experience.

Overall, the experience was quite good. This is more of a dependable Chinese restaurant where you can take guests to dinner knowing that the food will be done well I'd say. Dinner for the two of us came to HK$890.

26/F Midtown,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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