Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Geek Peek: Bobbi Brown

There’s nothing us Geeks like more than the festive season. Whether the party is for celebrating the Winter solstice, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s or just a gathering of close friends, make sure your makeup is impeccable. We talk to Bobbi Brown about how to achieve that perfect holiday look.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: As the holiday season approaches, what eye and lip colours would you recommend for parties?
Bobbi Brown: Got a party to go to? There is nothing like chrome inspired metallic shades to brighten up the eyes. Contrast it by playing it cool with soft plum lip shades.

HKFG: Smokey eyes tend to lead to a messy appearance if not applied properly. How can we avoid it?
BB: The best way to avoid a mess while smoking up your eyes is to apply your concealer afterwards. This way if some shadow falls under your eyes you don't have to start all over again.

HKFG: What cheek and lip colours go well with smokey eyes?
BB: A neutral looking cheek with a soft port-inspired shade of lipstick or gloss would bring perfect harmony to a chrome smoky eye.

HKFG: What products should be in our makeup cases when going out?
BB: Besides blotting papers (for excess shine on the t-zone area) and lip color, Q-Tips are always convenient to clean up a smudge or an uneven lip liner.

HKFG: How should one touch up their makeup while at an event?
BB: How about a "touch-up-free" evening? Use a long-wear cream eye shadow underneath your smoky eyes and paired it all up with long-wearing gel liner and mascara!

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