Tuesday, November 10, 2009

History Class

Looking forward to checking out Hullett House which is now officially open (although getting my lazy ass over to TST is going to be the biggest hurdle). History class was a nightmare for me, after having my high school history teacher wrote that I responded to questions "like a deer in headlights", on my report card. The parents were not happy. I am, however, on board with learning about the past of our culture via food and hospitality. I wrote about the opening in a post back here, but now we have full details on the various citizens that will populate the building.

First up, there are 13 unique suites, totalling 800-1100 ft in size, each. Every room follows a different theme in China's past, from Imperial China (red lacquer galore) to 1930s Shanghai (jazzy and moody). Then there are five restaurant-bars, including:

- The Parlour, for ye olde English afternoon tea by day, lounge by night.
- Loong Toh Heen, for Chinese.
- Stables Grill, for casual tapas and grilled food.
- St George, for western fine-dining done by Philippe Oricco, protege of Pierre Gagnaire.
- And finally Mariner's Rest, serving up cold beers and British gastropub fare, paying homage to the seamen who once populated the address decades before (and you can even grab a drink in what used to be the jail cells).

The whole affair is helmed by Aqua group, so you are guaranteed flashy interiors (the pictures say it all) with fairly decent food. I'm travelling again next week but I'll hopefully get a chance to test-drive on return.

Hullett House is at 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, tel: 852 3988 0000.

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