Tuesday, September 15, 2009

House Rules

I’m not a big hype-buyer, so while everyone else is heralding the transformation of the Canton Road Marine Police station into luxury hotspot Heritage 1881, I’m standing at the doorway refusing to step foot inside, scoffing at all the watch brands and high jewelers attempting to make a buck in a receding market. I’m also fond of ridiculing this futile method of “conserving” Hong Kong history, as if retaining certain structural elements while completely commercializing the area and eradicating its former purpose can really be called conservation.

But that rant cut short (believe me, there’s more), one thing I am excited about is the soon to be opened Hullett House, a hotel-restaurant mecca that, I’ve heard, will boast a room-to-restaurant ratio of 2:1. That’s right, kids: five restaurants/bars, 10 rooms. It’s the brainchild of Aqua group’s founder, which means that the food will be at least halfway decent, and the interiors are guaranteed to be pretty sick. Hullett House’s own exterior, meanwhile, will follow the theme of “stunning heritage architecture,” which I suppose means that it will look all old and colonial, but will actually be shiny and new. Actually, it looks kind of like the big building in Stanley. No matter. I’ll be inside eating anyway. More details to come as they are revealed!

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