Monday, September 28, 2009

LFW Redux: Prim in Plaid

London Fashion Week isn't always my cup of tea -- the excess of print and punchy colours is gorgeous, but their sense of style differs from my own aesthetic in general. It's like looking at a painting, being able to acknowledge that it's forward-thinking and exciting, but never really wanting the piece to hang in your house all the same. One designer that I consistently love, however, is Christopher Kane. This spring, the 27-year-old wunderkind put forward very, very girly versions of gingham and plaid, which I'm loving. Problem is, it's not that easy to find fashions inspired by this guy, at least not at prices I'm willing to pay. (Ignore the CK x TS collab that isn't available in Hong Kong.)

But I'm a true believer in alterations and putting together outfits that pay homage to the look without directly taking it from the runway. What you'll notice in the collection is lots of girly juxtapositions -- gingham & lace; floating chiffon silhouettes with daring slit panels; volume mixed in with heavy corseting. It's not hard to find plaid out there, but it is more difficult to find it in pink in the mass market. So here's what I'm thinking would work instead.

Searched Etsy for vintage pink gingham dresses, and discovered this beaut, a simple country-girl creation. I thought it would look amazing, toughened up with a black corset for some serious contrast.

This All Saints dress is on my wishlist anyway, but I think it could work with a shocking pink corset. I could be very wrong about this, maybe a white corset is the way to go, like in the top right photo... and if you really wanted, you could also get the slits put into any old plaid dress.

One last go, I'm thinking this Love Yaya dress from Revolve Clothing, paired with a cool tulle skirt... or even an artlab bustle?

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