Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Geek Spy: Portable BBQ

We, the citizens of Hong Kong, suffer from a severe dearth of space. Our couches are cozily close to our coffee tables, our kitchens rarely come with space-invading conventional ovens and many bedrooms just don't hold anything more than a bed and dresser. It's my dream come true to one day have a living room set that doesn't touch any living room wall.

But, such is the price we pay for convenience and a rockin' city life. Balconies are often non-existent, and when they are, are normally smaller than the average closet. A friend of mine once owned a dining table set from PriceRite that collapsed on two sides with a pillar to hold the table up in the middle, which also acted as a secret cabinet that stored four folding chairs (chairs, not stools!). This is just as good -- a collapsible barbecue set that will allow you to get your grill on, without taking up permanent balcony space. It's probably a bit of a bitch to clean, but that's the barely a hassle compared to the joy of having an at-home barbecue grill, no? A plus -- you can also take it camping!

Get it at i want one of those

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