Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skeletons in my Closet

I loved the idea that VPL's inspiration this season was the human body, and how this central conceit was interpreted in so many different ways. On a more literal level, that took the form of body-baring fashions, some of which where layered with amazing harnesses that looked kind of like skeletal ribcages. But on the abstract side, the designer introduced prints made from a blown-up x-ray of her skull. Wowza. I've actually recently noticed that skeletons have slowly been making their way into fashion, mainly in the form of accessories, but also into garments as well. They're done in an extremely straightforward manner, so there's no questioning that those are ribcages you have on your chest -- perhaps an homage to the super-skinny models we're not supposed to be seeing anymore?

This piece below, by Delfina Delettrez, is a bracelet and ring hybrid piece, or a bionic hand, if you will. It don't come cheap, but Delettrez is actually part of the Fendi family, so luxury is in her blood.

A vintage ribcage necklace is also pretty genius.

Ribcage earrings that are very budget friendly.

And to go with all your bony jewellery... a lovely T-shirt dress that's perfectly worn in.

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  1. An homage to the super skinny models? Very interesting idea.

    This trend is pretty great, though I have to admit that my favorite part of this is the model's gorgeous red hair. I really need to dye mine again.

  2. I am a big fan of skeletally inspired pieces (maybe it's the leftover teen angst). The skeletal draped harness things are incredible. also amazing, the rib cage necklace!