Friday, September 18, 2009

Size Matters

I absolutely love big chunky statement jewellery and I do mean big, hey look at me kind of jewellery. Although I am over the term ‘statement’ piece. Everything from a two strand pewter chain to really over the top pieces are now labelled as statement and we really need to come up with another term for it. Anyway, I digress. It is with a great squeal of glee that I check out the Spring/Summer collections and find some pieces that I absolutely adore. Here are some that made it on FashionGeek’s wish list (with more to come I’m sure)
Let's start with the above necklace from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Is it a collar? Is it made out of origami? Who cares. I want.

Check out the giant beads from Michael Kors. I do hope they are resin and not glass. It must be heavy yet I will risk neck pains for that piece.

Necklaces down to the waist are always so hot. You can always double strand it, or multi-strand it as a bracelet but Oscar de la Renta keeps it simple here.

Vera Wang takes the term bib necklace to a whole other level.

I'm of the camp that pearls need not be for old ladies and Reem Acra obviously agrees

Chains, thick, thin, and in between are so sexy and this Helmut Lang chunky chain necklace is hot hot hot.

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