Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting the Boot

If, like me, you became hopelessly addicted to Supersize vs Superskinny, the Channel 4 show that aired on terrestrial TV until a few weeks ago, then you’ll know that a busy lifestyle often doesn’t make for the healthiest body. There was one guy who worked three jobs and ate chocolate bars for breakfast on the go because he didn’t have time to cook; the programme estimated he was undereating by something like three days per week. Crazy. Well if that guy had Bootcamp Chef at his disposal, he wouldn’t have had to go on global TV to put on the pounds.

In fact, whether you’re trying to gain weight, lose it or just stay in shape, Food by Web’s Bootcamp Chef service is probably going to save you a lot of hassle. Set up by Bootcamp, an outdoor fitness scheme, the service offers to-the-door service and meals that are portioned properly and cooked healthily, so no dish exceeds 416 calories, which is pretty darn good (I think, I’ve never counted calories, I love my love handles, I’d eat my own muffin top if push came to shove). Anyway as we grow older, it becomes more and more important to eat healthy, and this is an easy and fast way to do that. Or so the heathen preaches…

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