Friday, September 4, 2009

That's a Wrap

I don't know why I keep coming across scarves and wraps these days, when it's the hottest September on record (or something to that effect), but I just can't resist what people are doing with these fabric accessories. I can't even believe I used to use regular old pashminas when there's genius like this out there. Taiana Geifer of Taiana Design is the creator of these scrappy wraps that look like something (a regular wrap, perhaps) that got dragged out of the sewers. But if deconstruction is your thing, you too will love these. They're made of felt (or felted wool, not that I know what the difference is), which I'm slowly discovering is the most versatile of textiles, and is also secretly quite edgy. I for one always thought felt was reserved for making random costumes for pre-school plays (a giant carrot with a face hole, perhaps?) or Santa hats. The scarves come in a multitude of colours, and better yet, SIZES, so you can decide how massive your felt shell will be. I'd go with XL, the drama of it really highlights the fact that yes, size DOES matter. Heh.

The unique treatment of the felt makes the pieces really visually compelling, and due to the techniques used, no two pieces are exactly alike. Don't you love that? Taiana's fabrics are so very special that she was even commissioned by Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa to create cloth for his Fall 2009 collection (see image below). If you want to get your mitts on a piece of this genius, however, you'll have to contact the office via the website for custom orders (priced US$300-3000). Or you can get them at the Rick Owens boutique in Paris -- there's no official affiliation, he just really liked her stuff. RICK OWENS. Liked somebody else's stuff. Of course this happens, but usually it's others that desire his objets d'art. Which obviously, makes Taiana's stuff even more covetable. And she's only 21! Don't you hate young, successful people? Oh, and she's pretty, too. Sigh.

Images: Taiana Design & NY Times

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  1. OOOO we love her stuff! Fabulous post and images!check out our new post on the up and coming London fashion week