Monday, September 21, 2009

NYFW Redux: In-vest-ment Pieces

I've only gone through maybe half of NYFW, and less than none of LFW, but it's already clear that a few of last season's developing trends are here to stay. I'll be doing a daily trend alert this week so you guys can keep up with what's going on from the comfort of your own computer. There are also a couple of new must-have items we're seeing. I've also decided to upload the shots from my phone so that they're probably labelled, how intelligent of me! I can also zoom into items as I see fit, and hopefully you, the reader, will benefit from the experience as well. Now, onto the trend watch...


This one has kind of been sneaking up on us. But it was kind of inevitable, with everyone rolling up their blazer sleeves, that designers would go ahead and just decide to chop the damn things off. (Isn't keeping your blazer sleeves rolled up properly the most annoying thing?) Wayne Lee, who designs Wayne Lee in the second image, is my new discovery and my new designer crush. Cutest clothes ever.

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