Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love Letters

I am, quite literally, loving these scarves. (Har har, I made le pun.) You'd think a scarf made up entirely of letters or numbers would be kinda of graffiti-ish and punky, or tacky like an LV logo print beach towel, but it's not only surprisingly wearable, but also incredibly chic. Just look at that laser-cut technology, crikey-o! All of the three prints (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers) are equally delicious, and perfect for all seasons, but if I had to choose I'd run with the lowercase alphabet. I'm at heart a sucker for the lowercase letter, I mean we certainly use enough of them -- plus, I like the big spacing you get from the odd sizes of the letters, it makes it seem even more technically marvelous than the others, with the smooth sans-serifs knocking and locking at the most random of points.

The site Little Factory is a design website gone commercial and their good sense of layout, use of white space and clean graphics is evident across their product line. They also do hilarious kitschy blankets, including this funky tomato blanket, which is kind of making me crave tomatoes although I hate them. And T-shirts, two little bundles of joy really, a funny little A4 spec and my pick of the two, a manila envelope design. Best part? They're made in Hong Kong, which I only discovered at the end of this post when looking to figure out if they ship to Hong Kong! The prices, I'm pretty sure, are in USDs, but they're still quite reasonable. And you know what? The more I look at them, the more I think I need those goldfish on my bed. Even though they really kinda freak me out.

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