Monday, September 14, 2009

The Swacket

No witty header because the name of this item is wit enough. And if it isn't, the design certainly is. Introducing The Swacket, a harput's own creation that transforms into a kaleidoscope of various shapes to cocoon you against harmful weather and jacket fatigue (you know, when you keep wearing the same jacket over your clothes day after day in the winter and you feel like you're wearing the same damn thing every time you leave the house...). I can't tell exactly how it works but it seems like an intricate placement of buttons or hooks and ties... my best guess. It looks exceedingly well-made and it's sorta pricey but I still want, and want bad. Harput's is a line of garments that are meant to metamorphose each time you wear 'em. Yep, a whole line of convertible wear, just like Complex Geometries... maybe even better, I really can't decide. Check out also The Dress from their own line as well as the Pleasure Principle range. I'm just oozing desire right now, so I will presently go stuff my face with fried food and chocolate ice cream until I feel so guilty that I cannot possibly come back online and indulge my greatest impulse.

Below: two of my favourite swacket looks.

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