Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NYFW Redux: In the Nude

"My, she looks like she isn't wearing anything!" In this case, though, the empress' new clothes aren't invisible, they're just the same colour as her skin. Nudes were all OVER the place in almost every single collection seen at NYFW, layered on top of each other and in different shades of the same. SO ready for this. I love that in Hong Kong, it gets cold so late in the year, you can start incorporating Spring 2010 trends right away without having to freeze your butt off. For Asian skin tones, you're going to want to stick to lighter, whiter/pinker shades instead of camels, to better show off that pearly white skin you've been hiding under an umbrella to cultivate. If, like me, however, you've been prostrating yourself under the blazing sun to achieve a lovely brown tan, then go crazy with the layering, I believe any hue would work.

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