Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HKFG’s Project Runway All Stars Challenge

You all know that us Geeks have been waiting anxiously for Tim Gunn’s return. Imagine our delight when we heard that there’s an All Stars Challenge to go with the premiere episode. However, after watching the episode, we feel a bit of a let down. Of all the fabulous contestants that they could have brought back to make it work, the powers that be made some pretty poor choices. We didn’t want to see Uli, Sweet P (accidentally typed her name as Sweat P!), Korto, Mychael Knight (anyone know why he changed the spelling of his name?) and Jeffrey Sebelia (he’s already won once, why is he back?), So instead, ShoeGeek and I spent a wonderful morning going through all past contestants and came up with our list of Project Runway All Stars.

The ones that the network got right:

Santino – Ah Santino. We hated you in Season 2 until you did that perfect imitation of Tim Gunn and all of a sudden, you became all right.

Chris March- Who doesn’t love Chris March? He moved to New York because of Sex and the City! Anyone who loves Carrie Bradshaw that much can do no wrong.

Geek’s choices:

Austin- You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the body (for who else could have modelled for a fellow contestant when a model dropped out?) and you would have definitely brought the drama.

Kenley- Hated you last season. Still hate you but would have been great to see you throw a cat at Santino or anyone who dared cross your path.

Siriano- One word. Fierce.

Andre- Where’s Andre? Is he mad at Tim Gunn and still stuck in Red Lobster?

Elisa- Wouldn’t it be fun just to see her space out on everything and come up with a fabulous extraterrestrial outfit?

Daniel Franco- His weird obsession with Heidi, coming back as a contestant twice in two consecutive seasons, how many times can one contestant be back?

Who would you have wanted to see in the challenge? And what do you think of Season 6 so far?

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