Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yesterday I wrote about PDAs; today, it's a PSA - public service announcement. I had a boyfriend in college who did some radio DJ-ing, so I know random acronyms like that. It was a college radio station, but I believe he was still mandated to play three or four PSAs per hour, although he (ie we) got to choose which ones. We always chose the random and ironic ones, like James Brown talking about not drinking and driving. We had no visuals, but I could imagine if we had something like this Clean Air Network viral, that would have made it onto the show too. This simple paean to the benefits of clean air starts off simple (and certainly had me wondering why the message on my facebook wall read: "it's not a corporate wank. in fact, i think that, YOU of all people will like it a lot." Had my fondness for animated line-drawings been leaked to the public? Hardly.) Watch the whole thing, and you too might enjoy it. It's a sort of guerilla-lite, Shel Silverstein-meets-Quentin Tarantino take on the state of air pollution today. I am fulfilling this blog's PSA quota for the day by posting it and encouraging you all to sign the Clean Air Network petition: If karma really works, then there will be unicorn on my doorstep tomorrow too, pulling behind him a sled filled with air purifiers and 3M masks for Christmas.

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