Monday, November 23, 2009

Brace Yourself

Nature is suspended in lucite for the creation of this bangle by Sylwia Calus Design on Etsy. Call me weird, but this reminds me of those lollipops you can buy at specialty shops with scorpions caught in the hard candy (by the way, are you supposed to EAT the scorpion when you get to the middle?), or even the fake ice cube with a fly trapped in it -- those gadgets that pranksters use to fool you into thinking you're imbibing bug-infested water. Those knick-knacks are not so genius, but somehow this bracelet-bangle is kinda nice. It just goes to show you how a weird and macabre and even slightly juvenile concept can easily be transformed into something whimsical and kind of funky, just with a little bit of creativity. Of course, as Geeks, we are also falling hard for the image-printed bangles after the cut, which include motifs such as the Tetris GAME OVER screen, a written-out rendition of Pi (unfortunately sold out), some vintage erotica and that TV colour test screen that anyone who's had to stay home sick from school must've watched on ATV.

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