Monday, November 9, 2009

All in the Eyes

There’s such a plethora of eye makeup out there that it can be a bit daunting as to what you put on first and how to create that perfect smoky eye. (There’s a reason why Tyra makes all the models to be on ANTM learn how to properly apply makeup. Smoky eyes are just sooo sexy.) I stopped by Lane Crawford’s cosmetic concierge to get some tips the other day. For regular walk ins or basic Lane Crawford card members, they provide a free consultation as to how to make up your eyes and for higher tier members a range of services such as makeovers and image styling, trends of the season, personalised skincare advice amongst others. The best thing about the cosmetic concierge is that they don’t hard sell you into buying products.

Another nice thing about this service is that you can bring in your own makeup and the consultant will teach you how to use products you already own. My beauty consultant Kirsty was very pleasant and knowledgeable as well as patient about offering tips on how to apply eye shadow base, three shades of eye shadows, eyeliner, liquid eye liner, mascara base, mascara and brow highlighters. Some tips learnt:

1. Liquid eyeliner is applied below the lashes
2. When applying eyeliner, use one hand to gently lift your eyelid and slowly put on the eyeliner in little strokes rather than one long stroke in order to avoid wrinkles
3. If you don’t want to purchase an eye shadow base, you can try using liquid foundation but make sure it doesn’t have moisturising properties as that tends to lead to greasiness
4. Base mascara tends to be white or nearly white (a little bit transparent). The purpose of a base layer is to enhance the colour of your mascara.
5. Get an adjustable mirror. If you are applying eye makeup with a regular mirror, you inadvertently wrinkle your forehead giving you unseemly lines later on.

Lane Crawford Cosmetic Concierges are available at IFC, Times Square and Pacific Place stores. Request an appointment online at or email

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