Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bunny Hop

With Halloween coming up, I wonder how many fashion vixens are going to use the excuse to rock bunny ears in a costume? They've always been popular as an accessory to a Playboy bunny costume (and isn't Halloween an excuse to slut it out anyway), but with Louis Vuitton and Maison Michel ears making the rounds, it's almost too good to resist.

But McQueen took the bunny ear theme and hopped on over to the next logical part of this evolution -- bunny ears shaped from nature's own material, your good old mane of hair. Although arguably, those twin peaks resemble more than just ears... but do excuse me, I read a lot of Freud in college. *retrieves mind from depths of gutter*

Below: At the LV FW09 show; MK and Ashley in mouse and bunny ears by Maison Michel.

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