Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They're Boxy But They're Good

We're so obsessed with the 2-in-1s these days, it's no surprise that jewellery feels compelled to become something more -- like a purse, or at the very least, a pouch. Bally kicked off the idea with its little brass box on a chain, but there are more variations as well, after the cut. At first I was thinking, I can barely fit my stuff in a clutch sometimes, but then I realized that this IS kind of genius for those nights you just want to stick your ID and credit cards in your pocket with some cash, go out and get stinking drunk without fear that you've left your clutch somewhere you can't remember (you know, like wedged up under your sweaty armpit...). The only reason I didn't realize that at first was because I don't have those nights. Ah, youth.

Ten points for anyone who gets the reference in the header.

Wildcatter's ID-card holder/harness on Etsy.

Fallon's "Delinquent" case for ciggies and other untouchables on Buy Definition.

Maryjanefrances' disco chainmail pouch necklace on Etsy.

Top image: Refinery29

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