Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Subtly Halloween

For some reason, Honkers love their Halloweens. It’s one of those odd events where the whole town goes all out. In fact, some might say that Halloween is a bigger deal than Christmas. So if you head on out to LKF this Saturday, be ready to see some great costumes. And if you do see anything spectacular, take a picture and send it back to us. We’d love to do a post-Halloween roundup!

Some of us, however, aren’t too great at dressing up yet still want to get into the spirit of things and this post is for you. Below, find some items that will get you into the festive mood without going too over the top.

Chanel Nuit de Russie Nail Polish
This is one of my favourite nail colours. Applies on very smoothly (but a bit prone to chipping so be sure to put on a top coat.) Looks black until that moment when it catches the light and a bit of blue-green shines through. At Chanel.

Bellini Spider & Net Pendant
I absolutely cannot stand spiders in real life but for some reason love spider or web jewellery. At YesStyle.

Topshop Cobweb Net Tights
Oh so hot. I’d wear this on a normal day just to give me that gothic edge. At Topshop.

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