Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inside Out

My pup and I took a field trip to Ap Lei Chau yesterday and while she had a frolic with the other kids at the dog playground at Whiskers & Paws, I took a quick spin through the outlets... you know, just for a gander. Before you could say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", I was laying down the plastic for a VPL bra at the Lane Crawford outlet. (I wisely steered clear of the shoe racks this time.) And what can I say? It's genius. Lingerie is so very pretty, it shouldn't stay under wraps. I pulled it on in the changing room over what I was wearing -- a grey t-shirt dress from the pajama section at H&M -- and all of a sudden, I was the hotness like Ap Lei Chau has never seen. I'll post pics of it later on but in the meantime, check out these other options from shopbop, la garconne and creatures of comfort. The la garconne one, unfortunately, is sold out. But I think mine is better than all of these, it's grey chiffon with a raceback and oh-so-delish.

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