Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Geek Spy: It’s an 8-Bit Life

This one is for the boys. You know how pixelated images reminds us of old school video games and we all have fond memories of playing with the Nintendo growing up. Now we discovered that ThinkGeek has come up with a fabulous way to bring 80s chic back to the office with the 8-Bit tie. Isn’t that totally what Mario would have worn when he wedded Princess Peach? The tie is a clip-on because according to the guys at ThinkGeek, a real tie would end up creating a non 8-bit curved triangle knot at the top of the design and the 8-bit effect would be instantly lost. I love the jagged edges that emphasise the pixilation. Get your 8-bit tie from ThinkGeek for only US$14.99

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