Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion Week Redux: Suit Up

It took me something like a month to zip through some 100-plus episodes or five seasons of How I Met Your Mother. And if there's one fashion voice to heed in that show (certainly not Robin's), it's Barney Stinson's, he who loves the salary-man look. Is it his favourite one-liner call-to-arms, "Suit Up!", that infiltrated the inspiration boards at Christopher Kane and Proenza Schouler for Spring Fashion Week 2011? Or have I been irrevocably affected by HIMYM-itis? Most likely the latter, but I like to think it's the former.

Either way, both of these arguably more urban, street brands have gone a little bit prim 'n proper, but not without their subversive elements. Like with a colour palette of neon green and yellow. Or a suit jacket that's shaped more like a cardigan, and a bra top under a boxy-fit blazer. And as separates, these integrate perfectly into a gal's wardrobe too.

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