Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winged Weapon & Other Tales

Feathered skull knuckle rings from Lane Crawford. Alexander McQueen, of course. Snapped this in the IFC outpost while waiting for Chris and Iona for 7 or 8 minutes. We went to see Anna Dello Russo, and then chickened out of talking to her even though there weren't really that many people around. I didn't want to be another Laura, asking "does your neck hurt?" on account of the giant (I mean GIANT) cherries she wore on her head. That girl stole my my opening line! So instead we sat on one of two couches and refused to get up, then watched Sarah Rutson sit opposite us and change from heels into flats. Was having a major fashion ga-ga moment... like when celebrity followers read Us magazine and see Keanu Reeves picking his nose, or Kate Hudson's son's friend's cousin's best friend buying a slurpee. Like, whoa.

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