Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is the last scheduled post before I come back (besides the regular Thursday SHOErotica), so I'm just going to give you guys a "stuffs I want" kind of thing. Because it is my firm belief that sharing your materialistic side with others is the path to salvation. Like if I've showed you what I want, by extension I don't have to own it because you all have already seen it, and nobody wears the same thing twice, right? That made sense in my head but I'm sure by the time I come back and re-read it, it will not. So before I change my mind and rewrite this whole paragraph, let's just look at the stuff-porn now.

Up top: Dominic Jones cuffs.
Down below: Keds brogues, Etsy Rabid Fox unicorn ring, and lots of stuff from Nasty Gal, including boho messenger bag, acid trip dress, BEST shearling vest ever, BEST cat-print dress that is not Miu Miu but is good enough for me. I'm not giving links because a) you can google it, b) i don't want you buying my stuff. What's amazing is that I found all of this within five minutes. Where there's a will to shop, there's a way to find stuff really quickly.

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