Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I’m Shopping for the Children

Remember the Bulgari Save the Children ring that I coveted a year ago and finally purchased about a month ago? Well here’s the main reason why I bought the ring. Bulgari has come up with a second iteration of what I assume will become their annual Save the Children ring. There’s nothing wrong with this version, if anything it’s classic Bulgari and I’m sure will be another crowd pleaser. However, there’s something about the gothic version that appeals to me so so much more. The only problem with the ring is that it’s easily scratchable and I felt that with the way I bang up my jewellery, it won’t be long before the ring becomes unrecognizable. Of course, much with any new product after the first scratch you stop caring so much.

This second Save the Children ring will set you back HK$3,100 with 20% donated to the charity. Much like last year, photographer Fabrizio Ferri will donate his time and talent to shoot more celebrities wearing the new ring, beginning in July 2010 and continuing throughout 2011. I loved the campaign last year where celebrities such as Sting, Ben Stiller, Willem Dafoe, Terence Howard, Ronaldinho, Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, Jason Lewis, Valeria Golino, Isabella Rossellini, and Debra Messing were featured. So do your part for the children and snag yourself a nice ring in the meantime. And if like me, you prefer the first version, I think it's still available at the Bulgari flagship in Central.

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