Monday, December 21, 2009

Geek Peek: Danny Ventura

It's always so much harder to buy gifts for men and while buying cologne might seem to be the easy option, choosing the right scent can be tricky. I turn to Danny Ventura, International Training Manager for Beauté Prestige Internationale which handle the Gaultier, Miyake, and Rodriguez lines of fragrances and body products for some tips on men's fragrances.

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: What should one keep in mind when selecting a fragrance for a guy?
Danny Ventura: One should keep in mind his interests, and lifestyle. For example if he is a sporty guy, perhaps a fresh and clean scent like L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme would be ideal. If he is edgy, or trendy, a scent that has more character like Le Male would do. His occupation can also dictate his preference in scents. Does he work in an office setting, or is he mostly outdoors? Is he a suit and tie guy, or does he wear mostly jeans and a t-shirt. Try to take into consideration his culinary tastes as well. Does he enjoy spicy food or is he a more conservative type when eating out.

HKFG: Where are the best places to apply cologne?
DV: Most people wear a fragrance so that they can enjoy the scent all day long. A few sprays or dabs here and there and off they go, only to realize that it’s worn off half way throughout the day. Putting some thought into how and wear to apply a fragrance will make all the difference. Applying a fragrance low on the body, on the torso, but never under the arms, allows the scent to rise naturally with our body heat. As it does, the scent will envelope you and those you choose to get close enough to enjoy it as well.

HKFG: What is the difference between an aftershave and cologne?
DV: The major difference is in the concentration of essential oil that is mixed into the fragrance. An aftershave will generally have less concentration than a cologne. As well, some aftershaves have added ingredients that have soothing properties to be used on the face after he has shaved. A cologne will last longer in terms of scent than an aftershave will.

HKFG: What is your own personal favourite fragrance?
DV: To me fragrance is like music. I never listen to the same song over and over. Depending on the occasion, and season, I have many fragrances that I use. I often encourage other to do the same. A fragrance can be the perfect accessory and finishing touch before leaving the house.

HKFG: What is the shelf life of cologne and how often should one replace the bottle?
DV: Generally speaking, and if kept in ideal conditions, (a cool, dark place) a fragrance can last up to 36 months. Keep in mind that once a bottle of fragrance is opened, is has 4 major enemies. Air, heat, light, and age.

HKFG: Do you have any other tips for our readers?
DV: No matter what fragrance you choose to wear, it should evoke a special feeling while wearing it. Some choose a scent to feel beautiful, while others confident. It really depends on your lifestyle, and your interests. If you have a very busy, hectic schedule, then you might consider wearing a fragrance that is soothing or calming to counter balance your day. If your interests are spending time outdoors, then a fragrance that is more complimentary to your surroundings could be more appropriate, example, green, fresh or woody scents. Regardless of what you do, fragrances should feel right for you, and compliment your lifestyle, not get in the way of it.

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