Friday, December 4, 2009

Pocket Rocket

Men's fashion isn't our strong suit but I did learn a thing or two about pocket squares yesterday while accompanying my beloved to shop for a dapper suit accompaniment to sport at a wedding we're attending this weekend. Suit shops were at the top of the list for custom fabrics, but we also hit H&M, M&S and Tie Rack since they were all situated around the bustling Central district. We were told that the best selection is at Lane Crawford or Seibu, but alas, I was getting cranky from all the walking so we were restricted to the aforementioned stops alone. For monsieurs seeking that pitch-perfect match to their tie or bow-tie, the best bet is to have a tailor scrounge up fabric to match, but I convinced my man to go with a skinny black tie and a black-and-white polka-dotted silk number with a thick black border for that pseudo Comme Des Garcons look. If we'd had time or any sense of pre-planning (a refrain that seems constant), we would've looked online.

The next step, then, is figuring out the best way to showcase this silk specimen. This Sam Hober site features numerous ways to fold your pocket square, starting with one- to four-point variations, flat folds, puffy folds, crown shapes and more. There are, in total, 14 ways to fold your pocket square. Holy crap, and I thought women's convertible fashion was genius. It's a SQUARE, for crying out loud, and it's this versatile. Why doesn't every man own a pocket square? Anyway, below the cut you'll find some random options I came across, from loud and proud to staid and solid.

Belisi x 2, Gucci, Luigi Borelli Napoli, Givenchy, Gucci

Images: Belisi and

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