Friday, December 11, 2009

Italian Stallions

I have a confession to make. I went to Posto Pubblico for lunch with a bunch of other press types, and while others ooh-ed and aah-ed over dishes like Bucatini or their Brooklyn sandwich or their mushroom trifolata (admittedly, delicious), I was more enamoured with their executive pastry chef, AJ Bellarosa, who not only has the best name ever (imagine that, Mrs ShoeGeek Bellarosa, doesn't that have such exotic flair?) but also is just the most adorable person ever.

Besides having eyelashes to die for and a smile to melt the coldest heart, Bellarosa and the rest of the New Yorker team, which includes Robert Spina and Todd Darling (note: also a great last name), are doing things differently by caring about the environment. In terms of ingredients, this means using sustainable local ingredients wherever possible, from farms in areas of Hong Kong you've never heard of but will want to visit after tasting some of their dishes. This is food with care -- besides friendly sourcing practices, the team has also put ample effort into ensuring the food is up to scratch. If this meant experimenting with bread-baking on a daily basis for six months, in order to adapt to Hong Kong's humidity levels, then that's what they did.

The result is good-quality, wholesome New York Italian fare like the owners used to eat at home -- although admittedly, some of their homes featured New York restauranteurs, so it's not exactly like YOUR momma would have made. The pizzas are simple, the pasta consistent and there are more adventurous areas for those who wish to go there. But ladies, maybe just pay this place a visit to tell me if I'm crazy to be having this pastry-chef crush, or if he actually placed me under a spell by putting something in that dreamy lemony dessert thing.

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