Thursday, December 3, 2009

Geek Peek: Grown Bio Active Skincare

Organic skincare has been touted as a healthier alternative to regular skincare as there is a lower risk of allergies along with claims of being more effective. We talk to the Keston and Jeremy Muijs, founders of Grown, an organic skincare line that just launched in Hong Kong last month at Joyce Beauty about their inspiration and philosophy behind the brand

Hong Kong Fashion Geek: What was the inspiration behind Grown?
Keston Muijs: We were first awakened to the harm of traditional skincare formulations when a close friend developed adverse reactions to almost every cosmetic during her battle with cancer. As a result our focus has always been more on healthy products that deliver a sophisticated beauty result than simply organic. Not just certified, healthy.

We understand that having an organically certified product is important, which is why our products use 100% certified organic ingredients. However, we don’t stop there. Healthy skin care must also avoid harmful ingredients that certified products often contain like alcohol for example. We also believe whether a product’s ingredients are organic, wild harvest or naturally grown healthy skin care is all about formulating products that don’t compromise on beauty or your health. All our products must delivery a visible beauty result.

HKFG: How did your backgrounds as product and brand developers help in the development of Grown?
Jeremy Muijs: I think as product developers you learn to question everything. Someone says “that can’t be done” and instinctively you say “why not”. It’s almost like a discipline to continually push the boundaries of what is possible and it helps to have a very clear and powerful reason for being on the journey in the first place. When you start with the question “how do we make healthy skincare with a powerful beauty benefit?” you don’t stop to find the answer. I guess that’s why it took us so long. (Grown underwent almost a decade of development before its launch.)

HKFG: What does the Grown product range comprise of?
KM: We have a top to toe range with everything from Facial Moisturizers to treatment products and bioactive eye creams.

HKFG: The shelf life for organic products tend to be shorter. How do you overcome that obstacle?
JM: Yes, the shelf life of our products are shorter but not by much because our packaging protects our product from light, liquid and air to seal in goodness and keep out bacteria. We use amber bottles to protect delicate botanical ingredients from being broken down by UV light. Our pumps use a patented valve technology to ensure nothing contaminates our ingredients. Aluminium tubes prevent air coming in contact with the product ensuring an optimum environment for our active ingredients. We also use safe non-leeching tubes and bottles instead of conventional chemically toxic polypropylene plastics, which emit harmful chemicals into the product they are protecting, to ensure our products remain as healthy as the day they were created.

HKFG: What new products are in development?
KM: We have a host of new products that complement our current range. The wonderful thing about nature is their is a powerful remedy for everything so we are never at a loss for inspiration.

HKFG: If you could only choose one Grown product to use, what would it be?
JM: Wow, I can’t believe I have to just choose one! It’s like having to choose a favorite child. I think we are selling a lot of Facial Moisturiser at the moment. But I must say for me I have a thing for the Hand Wash.

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