Friday, March 15, 2013

Bag Lady: Longchamp LM Cuir

I'm a sucker for reality tv shows, especially if it's related to modeling and recently I've been quite intrigued by The Face which basically is The Voice but for models. There are three teams, Team Coco, Team Naomi (who awesomely went into one of her rages in the premiere) and Team Karolina. I had just caught up in the latest episode where Coco Rocha was talking about the Longchamp campaign she did and how she was worried that her style of modeling wasn't applicable to her team as it was too unique. Anyway, good show and the point of this post is to talk about the campaign she did where I thought she was ravishing (but then I've always been a Coco fan).

Onto the Longchamp LM Cuir which is the brand's Spring 2013 icon. It comes in 8 shades in cowhide leather which is embossed with the LM pattern of racehorses. Additionally, besides these eight colours, there is a further eight limited-edition colours available on now at the two Longchamp flagship stores, the one in Central and the one in TST. The special order shopper have samples of exclusive shades such as bubblegum pink and zesty lime. I must say the lime would be the colour I'd choose. But then again, I've always been partial to green.

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