Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New York, New York

Hello readers! In a little over a week's time I'll be headed to the Big Apple (and Boston) for a long-awaited holiday. My Boston food itinerary is already bursting, and I have quite a few restaurants pencilled in for New York, but what are your recommendations for best eats?

So far I've booked in Marea for dinner and Gotham Bar and Grill for lunch, and plan to hit up at least one Momofuku joint, Blue Ribbon Brasserie and Shake Shack. Sadly missed the window on booking Per Se. I'm a little bit inclined to fancy-pants it up with a tasting menu at Corton or WD50 or one of the other wacky modernist-molecular joints, but this holiday is already racking up quite the tab. Anyway, please contribute your New York must-eats.

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  1. Peter Luger Steak House I would say :)

  2. Victor's Cafe for the city's best and oldest Cuban restaurant establishment -- Best ropa vieja you will ever taste. Also for desert/light snack, try Kytofu -- delicious.

  3. Lady M cake shop near the Met!!!