Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wrist Candy: Michael Kors

While I don't think I own a single item of Michael Kors clothing, and I think the footwear usually leaves something to be desired, for some reason I only ever buy Michael Kors watches. Which doesn't say much, because I've only bought myself two watches in the last 10 years. Shoes... well, I've bought more than two pairs in the last 10 days. But watches, just the two. The one I currently wear is a riff on the Chanel J12, a white chrono in white with gold hardware most recently coveted by a male cabin attendant on Thai Airways who photographed the watch face to buy for his girlfriend. Awwwww. And the brand has just sent out some of the pics from its Spring 2013 collection. Hopefully he Googles this and see it. They retail at $2,300-3,000. I probably wouldn't wear any of these but the top left, but then again, that's probably why I only have the two watches.

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