Thursday, March 21, 2013

SHOErotica: Sleeh Shoes

Not your typical SHOErotica fare, but once in a while we all love a little affordable chic. Take some time to check out Sleeh, a mass-market brand that's just about perfect for picking up those crazy party shoes you want to teeter around in while people are drinking and spilling and ashing all over the dance floor. Though you'll find a handful of "normal" looking shoes -- sensible ankle boots, loafer slippers, etc -- the brand's bread and butter is clearly the 5-inch-and-up platform heel. For me, it's heartbreaking to take my Loubies for a spin and then have to take down every drunken fiend who spills something on them. (Especially when that drunken fiend is myself. It's really hard to beat yourself up, literally.) But with most of these priced in the US$50-80 range, it's no more tears indeed. They obviously won't be as well made as your designer footwear, but in the dark, all you really need is some flashy colours and a killer stiletto, right? Spend without regrets.

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