Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scooping up some Brunch at SPOON

Guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek checks out SPOON's brunch offerings

There are so many brunch options in Hong Kong, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to go. SPOON by Alain Ducasse in the InterContinental Hong Kong has extensive gourmet spread so only bring completely empty stomachs that need to be filled. You aren't going to find the massive shucked oysters, shrimp cocktail and sushi -- with people swarmed around the Alaskan King Crab legs -- but a buffet with je ne sais quoi.

Start the meal at the drinks table to pick a drink or two that of course includes Champagne, but also fresh juices and other non-alcoholic concoctions. The sommelier will also come by the table with two bottles of whites or reds to choose from too.

Then move onto the appetiser buffet that includes some freshly sliced charcuterie, quiches, salads, smoked salmon and an extensive soft and semi-hard cheese spread, including Camembert, Comte, Fourme d'Ambert and Chabichou du Poitou.

But that's not all, because at the other end of the room there are lots of baked goods on display, but definitely for eating. There's croissants, pain au chocolat, olive bread and buns that you can put in your own mini bread basket to carry back to the table, as well as fruit salad, French yogurt, and even cereal including Coco Puffs.

Then you have the choice of trying one of three egg dishes: eggs Benedict on a bed of spinach with a thankfully light Hollandaise sauce, but no English muffin (perhaps not allowed in this French restaurant?!); fried eggs with meurette sauce, a red wine and bacon sauce served in a mini Le Creuset pot, or Basque-style omlettes that looked like rolled up sandwiches.

We have to say the last option was on the bland side, but the first two are good choices.

And then you have a choice of mains, each tempting in their own right. There's a steamed garoupa dish with shellfish marinere (mussels and clams), a light cream sauce also served in a shallow Le Creuset pot, a thick slice of roast beef with fries beautifully stacked up, two slices of rack of lamb on a bed of white coco beans, and finally a "cookpot", a version of which is found in every Alain Ducasse restaurant. The vegetarian dish features slices of locally-sourced vegetables, such as carrots, beets, and courgettes along with some mushrooms that are artfully placed in a pot and roasted in the oven. It really does look like an edible mosaic and healthy too.

But unfortunately the health kick doesn't last long with the finale of the dessert buffet. The options are too delicious to pass up, but now with limited stomach space it can be hard to choose carefully. There's creme caramel and apple tartin, chocolate cake and lemon cake, floating islands too. but we were totally in love with the pastries -- caramel eclair, a slice of Opera cake -- layers of dark chocolate, chocolate mousse and pastry for a bit of crunch, a dark chocolate tart and a slightly tart finish from the lemon tart.

The buffet is HK$888 per person including free-flow wine and juices and you will definitely be well fed. And they say French women never get fat?!

SPOON by Alain Ducasse
Lobby Level, InterContinental Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
2313 2323

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