Monday, March 25, 2013

Say Cheese: The Best Sandwich Ever

I've been having this sandwich lately, this open-faced delight, this vessel of pleasure, this cheesy-fantastic five-minute dinner option. It's basically variations on a tune, but this was the first incarnation.

Start with brie. Melty brie.

And here's the meat-floss toast we buy, $13 a loaf at Tin Lok Bakery on Tin Lok Lane. (Alternatives: Maison Eric Kayser brioche, or Bo-Lo-Gne buttery bread). Toast that motherfucker.

Drizzle honey before and/or after you toast it.

Then add some sliced Asian pears for some crunch. (Alternative: sliced apple, for more tart). Add ham. And anything else you want. In my case, that means truffle oil, and more honey, because I'm so sweet. (Alternatives: sauteed mushrooms, or any other drape-able meat, or spinach, or rocket, or whatever strikes your fancy).

Now, eat it. Smile, and say thank you.

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